Solid Aluminium Gear Knob

MiniGear starts with an extruded cylinder of 100% recycled aluminium that is craved out using CNC machines in a process used by the aerospace industry to build mission critical, high precision components.

Awards & Mentions
  • Global Design Awards Bronze of the Hong Kong Designers Association, 2013
  • MiniWorld magazine
  • Industrial design
  • Video
  • Kickstarter
Koncept Studios


Something chic, classic and quintessentially British

The Union Jack insignia is created through wire cutting (or wire electrical discharge machining) and runs throughout the piece to allow light to flow through. The cross and flat top design gives a sensation of gear position.

Attention to Details

The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

Reusable Aluminium in Anodized Finish
Eco-friendly Tin Packaging
Come with Tools